TEN Project

People who remain employed exhibit certain characteristics - these can be learnt.

These characteristics or priciples have been carefully woven into a basic skills training program called The Employable Nation. The participant discovers these principles during the TEN training instead of being 'taught' them. All training happens in Hout Ba's own DIY workshop - Workspace situated in the harbour area.

The Makers Society
The Maker Society is a “hack, make, fix, build, tech” club and meets twice weekly for supervised making sessions. Membership is open to high school students from Hout Bay.
There is no charge to attend the sessions but we encourage and welcome donations from those who can afford to pay.
Workspace is a well equipped open access workshop which allows the Maker Society Students to be exposed to traditional processes and skills like Metalwork, blacksmithing, woodwork, screenprinting, sewing, jewellery making, shoemaking, leatherwork, ceramic work, coffee roasting /making, bread baking as well as more high tech processes such as laser cutting, 3D modelling /printing and CNC Machining.
Off Grid Project
This project is part of a series of “offgrid” machines built  in response to the intermittent power issues that Cape Town had  been experiencing at the time Conceived and built by the Workspace design team of Craig Dunlop, Randal Adonis and Mark Glen. Three working machines have been built and are all commercially operating at Workspace.
Trash 4 Training
Trash for Training is an entry-level outreach programme that cleans up the streets and provides community members access to computing and Internet facilities.
The purpose is to give youngsters the opportunity to use computers in their everyday lives and introducing them to the learning programmes offered by the Workspace. T4T helps build their confidence and trust by teaching them basic computer skills. Suitable candidates are then identified for membership of The Makers Society to help them become technologically relevant.

31 Harbour Road
Hout Bay Harbour
Hout Bay
021 790 7533

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